Statement to Bloomberg News re: FGRC Legislative Efforts

“The North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) lobby together on policy issues of mutual concern to our more than 800,000 undergraduates and almost ten million alumni members.”

“In the next two years, we expect Congress to pass a reauthorization of our nation’s higher education laws. On behalf of today’s students and future student members of our organizations, the NIC and NPC are working together to present our shared perspective about how to address a number of issues Congress will consider in the reauthorization. These issues include college affordability, safe housing, charitable deductions for higher education, freedom of association rights, and improving campus safety.”

“College fraternities and sororities share the concern of federal policymakers who want to address campus sexual violence issues. We believe One is Too Many, whether it is a student whose assaulter goes unpunished, a student who lacks meaningful access to the support services needed to report and recover, a student who misses the education needed to intervene to prevent an assault, a student who fears the stigma of identifying as a victim, or a student who faces an adjudication process that is not fair and transparent to all involved parties. Fraternities and sororities intend to be a leader in offering ideas for how Congress can provide a Safe Campus for all students.”

“Fraternal organizations like ours operate on campus under the protection of our members’ Freedom of Association rights and their Title IX exemption to remain as single-sex organizations. We remain active in working with Congress, the Administration and individual campuses to ensure that laws and campus regulations respect a student’s fundamental right to join and enjoy the benefits of membership in single-sex organizations like ours.”