FSPAC’s primary goal is to support the approximately 160 men and women who are fraternity and sorority alumni in the United States House and Senate.

In addition, FSPAC will be supporting members of the House and Senate who support policy objectives that preserve and improve the fraternal experience we offer to our members.

FSPAC was formed in March 2005 in Washington D.C. and has the authority to provide funding to candidates for federal office (House, Senate, and President), national parties, and other political action committees.

FSPAC is bipartisan – we fund the campaigns of both Republicans and Democrats so long as they meet our criteria for supporting the advancement of fraternity life.

Under current law, an individual may give FSPAC up to $5,000 per calendar year.

FSPAC may in turn give up to $5,000 to an individual candidate per election cycle.

Contributions to FSPAC are not tax-deductible and may not be reimbursed by your employer or anyone else.


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